TRS Services


Why Should I Work with You, Raya?

I’ve had 3+ years training in Therapeutic Recreation and related services with Canadore College of Canada to become equipped with a specialized skill set that allows me to help others attain psychological and emotional well-being. Being mentally & emotionally stable and well are the foundation of a life of happiness and success in life, relationships and business. This is what I strive to help others achieve.

I’ve worked with many individuals to overcome personal and professional problems to become happier and more successful through personal growth practices, relationship building, and leadership training.

Aside from my formal education and training in these arenas, I am a master of self-study and have spent the last 6+ years studying and writing about the subject of personal development for the improvement of happiness and success on both the personal and professional level.

My specializations are psychological and emotional well-being, relationship skills, team building and leadership training.


I Am Available to Work with You...

  • To overcome issues that might be holding you back from success and happiness
  • To learn and implement personal development practices into your daily life routines
  • To improve the quality of your relationships and learn to improve your relationship building skills
  • To become better at connecting with others, making friends and working in teams
  • To develop the leadership skills that will help you become a better person, family member and/or business professional

All of these goals are achieved through strategic recreation-based therapy programs that include counseling, coaching, mentoring, teaching, and recreation & leisure activities that promote enjoyment, fulfillment and the development/improvement of skills, abilities, self-esteem, and relationships.


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